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Legal DictionaryResearchers should not assume that the plain meaning of a word or phrase is essentially the same when it’s outlined in an Act of Parliament or in a court docket case. A Certified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO”) is usually a courtroom order granting one spouse an curiosity within the different partner’s retirement account as a part of the distribution of assets following a divorce or legal separation. The eighth version launched a unique system of perpetually up to date case citations and cross-references to authorized encyclopedias.Legal Dictionary

For instance, a contract will probably be normally upheld and enforced by the legal system no matter how unfair” it might show to be. But if the case is to be decided ex aequo et bono, the strict rule of legislation is overridden and the case and requires as a substitute a decision primarily based on what’s honest and simply given the circumstances.Legal Dictionary

Consideration: Consideration has been outlined as some proper, interest, profit or profit accruing to the one social gathering, or some forbearance, detriment, loss or duty given, suffered or undertaken by the other”. The term exemplary damages” is utilized in some jurisdictions, and there is an ongoing legal debate whether there’s a distinction to be made between the 2 and even with the idea of aggravated damages.

There isn’t any authorized entitlement to dowry in Canada, and claims for dowry will not usually be enforceable. The identical is said of marriage or partnerships which, by dissolution, finish the authorized relationship between those persons formally joined by the marriage or partnership.

A authorized procedure wherein the dropping social gathering of a divorce asks that a higher court docket re-evaluate the decision of the decrease courtroom. If the husband or spouse has not consented to be married, the wedding is probably not legal in Canada. An instance can be a unilateral endeavor, which can bind a person morally, however would not be binding underneath contract regulation in those jurisdictions which still require consideration.