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The emergence of Bangladesh as an independent state was the results of a fight against violation of human rights in different methods. The historical past of the philosophical growth of human rights is punctuated by a variety of particular moral doctrines which, though not themselves full and satisfactory expressions of human rights, have nonetheless supplied a variety of philosophical prerequisites for the contemporary doctrine.

Twenty elementary human rights are protected in the Charter as a result of the Victorian Parliament recognises that, as human beings, we have fundamental rights, together with the appropriate to be treated equally, to be protected from violence and abuse, to be a part of a family and to have our privacy respected.

Only when all dimensions of human rights are revered will urbanization notice itself because the transformative power that it is. The human rights dimensions relate to the provision, accessibility, acceptability, adaptability, quality and appropriateness of the rights to sufficient housing, protected consuming water and sanitation.

HRHF advocates with companion organisations to advertise the freedoms of meeting, association, and expression, and the right to be a human rights defender – to ensure that people and organisations can work freely and openly to guard and advance human rights at home and abroad.

Underlying this strategy is a conception of regulation as being inescapably shut associated to normative issues, whereby the globalization of regulation, particularly, is intimately tied to a worldwide discourse on rights, which turns into almost unavoidably connected to human rights.