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Its a pity if a music lover doesn’t know what spotify is. Spotify is a service that lets you stream music over you devices and lets you enjoy it seamlessly and a commercial music streaming service providing DRM-protected content from a range of major and independent record labels, including Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group and Universal. Launched in October 2008 by Swedish startup Spotify AB, the service had approximately 10 million users as of 15 September 2010 about 2.5 million of whom were paying users. Total users reached 20 million by December 2012, five million of whom pay a monthly subscription fee that varies based on locale.

Spotify is a Swedish Entertainment Brand, which offers a service of online music streaming, with its subscription based plans. Spotify offers its users, the access of music from well known media companies and music labels, which includes countless number of exclusive album titles and tracks. Currently Spotify has more than 20 million!! songs in its digital library, which are available for its subscribers, for listening or downloading.But this is not enough to make it, the best of its kind service, available in the market right now. So along with the bazillion number of tracks in its catalog, Spotify also has a lot of amazing features which make it unique.

Some of those features are unlimited music streaming, mobile app, own library, social share, easy to use interface, free download etc. But the problem is that, most of these these services, can only be accessed by the paid subscribers or the premium subscribers of Spotify.

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Spotify also includes a Radio feature available to Spotify Free, Unlimited and Premium accounts, which creates a random playlist of songs chosen based on specified genres and decades. An Artist Radio feature creates a random playlist of songs by artists related to (and including) the selected artist. Artist Radio channels on Spotify provide background information on the selected artist, ranging from its history to a list of the artist’s most famous singles. The Spotify radio function demonstrates distinct differences from its competitor, Pandora.

Premium (paid) Spotify users are allowed to skip as many tracks as desired, while Pandora places limits on the number of tracks that can be skipped. Free Spotify users on mobile (Android/iPhone) are limited to five skips, similar to Pandora. Not until September 2012 did Spotify allow users to “rate” tracks, improving the ability to organize the radio function based on user preference.

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How to Use Spotify Premium Free Code Generator Tool

  1. Open the online Generator
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  3. You can even hide your proxy if you want to hide the id address of your device.
  4. To use it forever you should choose the Forget Expiry date option.
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  6. after verification of the human user of the device, you can copy or download the generated code.

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DownloadIs It Safe To Use Our Spotify Code Generator?

The simple answer is, yes, it is safe to use this generator. There is no risk involved here, it is safe for you, for your Spotify account as well as for your device.

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